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Ceka CK Gel Grip Tape Measure 5m

Product Code: CK 3445-160

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A recent CKI survey revealed that 7 out of 10 professional tradesmen
prefer the new C.K Gel-grip tape to their existing tape measure.
And it’s no surprise considering the exceptional comfort and
outstanding protection offered by the soft gel jacket…not to mention
the striking design!

But that’s not the only reason why the C.K Gel-grip Tape is
proving to be so popular mongst tradesmen…

360º Measuring
With double sided blade markings and specially designed, next generation end
hook, the C.K Gel-grip tape allows regular, overhead, vertical and side measuring.

Superior NYLONGTM Blade
The C.K Gel-grip tape has a NYLONG™ coated blade which ensures superior
wear resistance compared to standard acquered blades.

… the C.K Gel-grip features
advanced tape technology!
Developed specifically for the professional tradesman, the C.K Gel-grip tape
encompasses the very latest in tape innovation.

Gel-grip jacket – Exceptional comfort with outstanding damage protection specially designed end hook – grips on top, bottom and side Double sided marking – or regular, overhead &
vertical measuring EC Class II – greater measuring  accuracy
Triple riveted hook – prevents blade & hook damage on rewind  NYLONG™ coated blade –
superior abrasion resistance durability