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C.K. Classic Power Tape Measure

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Power return. Yellow tape with either continuous metric and imperial graduation (3434A) or metric graduation only (3434M). Joint marking at 16" and 40mm intervals. True zero hook. Strong black plastic case with belt clip 
Size 3m/10' 3.5m/12' 5m/16' 7.5m/25' 
Tape width 13mm/1/2" 13mm/1/2" 19mm/3/4" 25mm/1" 
Weight 100g 105g 205g 359g 
Box Qty 
Code T3434A 10 T3434A 12 T3434A 16 T3434A 25 
Size 3m 5m 8m 10m 
Tape width 13mm 19mm 25mm 25mm 
Weight 100g 213g 213g 370g 
Box Qty 
Code T3434M 3 T3434M 5 T3434M 8 T3434M 10