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XURON Micro-Pneumatics? Series

Product Code: XRN 590-LP

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Product Description

Micro-Pneumatic Series tools are the latest in advanced ergonomic design. Sized to fit readily in the operator's hand, it alleviates the fatigue and related CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders) associated with conventional wire cutter use. Easily actuated by light pressure with either the thumb or forefinger, the 590 Micro-Pneumatic quickly adapts to either right or left-handed use.

Designed specifically for the manufacturing environment, the overall size allows excellent maneuverability and access into restricted areas, a significant advantage with today's high density electronics packaging. It features quiet (< 60 dbA) operation and is very light in weight (6 oz.), addressing two important fatigue factors. The cutter head is treated with a glare eliminating black finish for excellent contrast with the work surface and to reduce eye strain.

The cutter head features the patented Micro-Shear cutting action for ultra clean, ultra flush cuts. Manufactured from high carbon steel and heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 58-59C, it exhibits exceptional durability. The 590 Micro-Pneumatic is rated for soft wires less than 1 mil. all the way up to 16 AWG and is suitable for cutting a variety of other materials, including plastics.

The tool's design offers quick and easy cutter head replacement. It operates from a dry, unlubricated 50 p.s.i. air line, consuming just 0.13 cubic feet of air per minute of operation.

590LP Low-Profile Head Micro-Pneumatic Flush Cutter

The 590LP's relieved head and slim profile allows superior access in high density areas. Flush cuts soft wire up to 20 AWG (0.8mm).