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XURON 800 Series Dispensing Bottles

Product Code: XRN 800

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Product Description

Self sealing design no waste, no spills. Two ounce polyethylene bottles are matched with a 1" (2.54 cm) stainless steel capillary tube for the controlled dispensing of a wide variety of liquids, including solvents. The answer for fluxing applications without spilling, dripping or gummy residue. Each size tube has a different color hub for color coding of bottles. Needle adapter will also accept you own custom sized needles with standard luer hubs.

800 - 2 oz. Plastic Spout
810 - 2 oz. 0.010 I.D. Dispensing Tube
820 - 2 oz. 0.020 I.D. Dispensing Tube
840 - 2 oz. 0.040 I.D. Dispensing Tube