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KESTER Flux-core solder

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Kester "44" Rosin Core Solder

The excellent wetting action of "44" rosin is the most outstanding property, and even more important and more significant is the fact that the flux is completely non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive.

Throughout its long years of wide usage in the electric and electronic industries, involving billions of soldered connections, there has never been a known case of corrosion by the flux residue.

Kester "44" rosin core is on the Qualified Products List under Specification QQ-S-571, Type WRAP.

Kester "285" Rosin Core Solder

Kester "285" rosin flux conforms to Federal Specification QQ-S-571 (type RMA) and is on the Qualified Products List. It also meets the requirements of both Bellcore specification TR-TSY-000078 and IPC-SF-818 (type LR3CN)) for cored wire products.

The fluxing ability of Kester "285" is much greater than ordinary type RMA fluxes and is nearly comparable to type RA (fully activated rosin) fluxes.

The high mobility and fast spreading action of Kester "285" results in rapid production line soldering without sacrificing reliability of the assembly. Also suitable for Applications where cleaning is not performed after soldering

Kester a 275a No-Clean

Kester a 275a No-Clean Flux for cored solder wire was developed to provide superior wetting performance for hand soldering in the electronics industry. The chemistry is based on some of the same principles that have been safely used for years in mildly activated rosin fluxes. The use of a 275a No-Clean Flux results in an extremely clear post-soldering residue without cleaning. The unique chemistry in Kester a 275a was also designed to reduce spattering common to most core fluxes. Kester a 275a No-Clean Flux is classified as Type ROL0 flux under IPC ANSI/J-STD-004 Joint Industry Standard. Performance Characteristics: Colorless translucent residues Improves wetting performance Excellent solderability and fast wetting to a variety of surface finishes Eliminates the need and expense of cleaning Low smoke Low odor Low spattering