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WELLER Cordless Pyropen

Product Code: WLR PYROPEN

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Product Description

- Needs no electricity
- No batteries of accumulators
- Gas operated
- Ready to solder within 30 seconds
- Refilling takes moments
- Hot air blower
- Mini-torch-burner
- Tank contents for 3 hours of operation
1 Pyropen with standard "Longlife"-tip, 3.3mm width
1 Hot-blow tip 5.7mm dia.
1 Torch ejector
1 Spanner
1 Tool support clip
1 Cleaning sponge
1 Operation manual
4 inert gas/hot air nozzles
By exchanging the "Longlife"-soldering tip against the hot-blow tip, inactive hot air is generated. Inactive hot air is much needed for soldering and desoldering surface mounted components (SMD). Four different hot air nozzles offer many applications.
Torch ejector
For brazing jobs up to 1300 degrees, this soldering ejector has to be exchanged with a torch ejector and brazing is done with open burning flame. Shape and temperature of flame can be adjusted. After finishing the job, the Weller Pyropen can be stored in its solid metal box, even when still hot.

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