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Christensen General purpose kit

Product Code: RSA 130NIX

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Product Description

This kit has a good selection of general purpose tools.
Case only: Order No. RSC 130NB
Kit contents:
Order No. BRN 3-565 Plier- water pump (120mm)
Order No. CK 2303 Tweezer - positioning (140mm)
Order No. CK 3909-5.5 Plier - radio (140mm)
Order No. CK 3774 Cutter - side (120mm)
Order No. CK 4369A-06 Shifter (150mm)
Order No. ROC 80 Screwdriver handle
Order No. ROC 81 Screwdriver blade 4 x 6mm
Order No. ROC 82-2 Screwdriver blade PH2 x 6mm
Order No. ROC 86 Screwdriver blade PZ1 x PZ2
Case dimensions: 250 x 160 x 40mm