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Christensen Service kit

Product Code: RSA 1508A-CK

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Product Description

This kit uses the 1600 case and has a single layer of tools housed in a foam cut-out. This kit is ideal for Apprentices or Student Technicians. A cover foam for the single layer of tools is supplied. Also available with combination locks.
Case only: Order No. RSC 1600
Kit Contents:
Order No. BRN 4-341 Screwdriver neon
Order No. CK 1355 Mag. Pickup, Telescopic & Pen 630mm
Order No. CK 2301 Tweezer straight fine point
Order No. CK 2314 Tweezer bent 150mm 1.5 tip
Order No. CK 3659-7 Water pump plier 175mm
Order No. CK 3720-6.5 Cutter - h/duty 165mm
Order No. CK 3772D Plier - snipe nose 135mm senso plus
Order No. CK 3773D Cutter side box joint senso plus
Order No. CK 3777D Plier - snipe nose 150mm serrated senso plus
Order No. CK 4369A-06 Shifter - 150mm phosphate finish
Order No. CK 4810-04 Screwdriver - engineers 6x100mm
Order No. CK 4810-06 Screwdriver - engineers 8x150mm
Order No. CK 4812-0 Screwdriver - PH 0x65mm blade
Order No. CK 4812-1 Screwdriver - PH 1x75mm blade
Order No. CK 4812-2 Screwdriver - PH 2x100mm blade
Order No. CK 4814-6.5 Screwdriver - stubby slot 6.5x25mm blade
Order No. CK 4965-03 Screwdriver - els. 3x75mm
Order No. CK 4965-06 Screwdriver - els. 5x150mm
Order No. KES S/D Solder dispenser with 2.5m solder
Order No. ORX 50-220 Soldering iron oryx 50W/220V
Order No. ORX SR3AS Desolder tool - mini silver
Order No.RSC 1600 Case in black vinyl
Order No. RSC F0609 Foam bottom 1808 toolkit
Order No. RSC F9094 Blank covering foam
Case dimensions: 460 x 360 x 110mm