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Christensen Service kit

Product Code: RSA 1980C-CK

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Product Description

The 1980 case is made of black vinyl and has a zipper around three sides. Two handles for easy transportation are provided.
Case only: Order No. RSC 1980
Kit Contents:
Order No. BRN 3-565 Plier - water pump (120mm)
Order No. BRN 5-306 Scissors (175mm)
Order No. CK 2301 Tweezer - straight (115mm)
Order No. CK 2314 Tweezer - bent (150mm)
Order No. CK 3751-5.5 Cutter - side (140mm)
Order No. CK 3774 Cutter - side (120mm)
Order No. CK 3777 Plier - snipe nose (150mm)
Order No. CK 3867-6 Plier - combination (150mm)
Order No. CK 4810-06 Screwdriver - engineers 8 x 150mm
Order No. CK 4812-0 Screwdriver - PH0 x 65mm blade
Order No. CK 4812-1 Screwdriver - PH1 x 75mm blade
Order No. CK 4812-2 Screwdriver - PH2 x 100mm blade
Order No. CK 4814-6.5 Screwdriver - stubby stol 6.5 x 25mm blade
Order No. CK 4815-1 Screwdriver - stubby PH1 x 25mm blade
Order No. CK 4965-03 Screwdriver - els. 3 x 75mm
Order No. CK 4965-04 Screwdriver - els. 4 x 100mm
Order No. CK 4369A-06 Shifter - 150mm
Order No. LP B2 Brush - 25mm
Order No. LP P15 Plug - 3 pin, 15amp
Order No. ORX 50-220 Solder iron - 50W/220V (controlled)
Order No. CK 960 Carpet knife
Order No. CK 3434A-12 Tape measure 3.5m
Order No. 4533-7.5 Snips red handle
Case dimensions: 415 x 345 x 55mm