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Major Tech PV Insulation Tester

Product Code: K6024PV

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Product Description

The K6024PV can measure insulation resistance of PV systems with open voltages of 1000V or less and of low voltage installations of 600V or less. It also measures earth resistance and features an automatic AC/DC voltage detection when measuring distribution lines. The K6024PV is compact and lightweight and has an internal memory that can store up to 1000 recordings that can be transferred to PC for analysis.

Features :

  • Accurate measurement of insulation resistance even with Photo Voltaic (PV) arrays generating power.
  • Elapsed time measurement
  • 1000 data point memory
  • Volt Amperometric Earth resistance 2pole and 3pole
  • Luminescent buttons and Backlight
  • Remote probe test button
  • IP54 Water proof design
  • Datalogger