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Major Tech 2-In-1 LAN Tester and DMM

Product Code: MT C50

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Product Description

The MTC50 is a 2 in 1 LAN tester and multimeter and is a newly designed and very practical tester that can easily read the correct pin configuration of 10/100 Base-T cable (Category 5), 10Base-2 cable (coax), RJ45/RJ11 modular cables, AT&T 258A, 356A, TIA-568A/568B and Token Ring cable by comparing one transmitting end to the corresponding receiving end.

With the remote kit test cables can be installed over long distances either on wall plates or patch panels. It is easy to verify the cable continuity, open, short and cross-connect. The auto range digital multimeter allows the user to measure AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, Resistance, Continuity and Diode test.


  • Carrying Case
  • 9V Battery AAA
  • Test Leads
  • Instruction Manual
  • Features :

    • RJ45 and RJ11 modular connectors
    • Tests CAT5 installations
    • Remotely test cables 300m away
    • Locked status wiring
    • Digital Multimeter
    • AC / DC V 600V
    • Amps 200mA
    • Resistance 20MΩ
    • Diode Check
    • Continuity
    • 2000 Count LCD
    • CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V