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Major Tech Loop Impedance and PSC Tester

Product Code: K 4118

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Product Description

The K4118 instrument is microprocessor-controlled and includes useful features such as mains voltage measurements, neon indication of current wiring status and a lock down test button for hands-free operation. An added feature is a 200 ohm earth electrode resistance test range to check that the earth electrodes comply with the IEC wiring regulations. The Major Tech K4118 Digital Earth Loop Impedance Testers is the most technologically advanced series of such instruments available and are designed to comply with IEC 61557-1 regulations.

This instrument offers convenient and accurate measurements of Earth Loop Impedance at the origin (Ze) and at various points throughout the electrical installation (Zs). The K4118 offers three pre-selectable Loop Impedance ranges and three pre-selectable Prospective Short Circuit (PSC) ranges. When the external earth probe is utilised, it is possible to measure the phase to Earth Loop Impedance of exposed metalwork, such as light fittings, trunking and where applicable conduit.

Pouch for leads
Test leads
Instruction manual

Features :

  • Microprocessor controlled for accuracy and reliability
  • Automatic Lock-Out if Test Resistor Overheats
  • Direct readout of Prospective Short Circuit Current and Earth Fault Current
  • Lock Down Test Button for Continuous use
  • Measures low loop impedance of 0.01Ω
  • 3 LED’s for checking correct wiring status
  • Safe voltage measurement function
  • Visual indication of reversed phase and neutral wiring at socket
  • External earth probe option
  • Displays mains voltage
  • Supplied with distribution board test leads
  • IP54 Casing
  • CAT III 300V and CAT II 600V