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Major Tech Earth Resistivity and Resistance Tester

Product Code: K4106

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Product Description

The K4106 is a 2/3/4-wire Digital Earth resistance/Earth Resistivity Tester equipped with a microcomputer and can measure earth resistances and calculate earth resistivity’s (ρ), using the “Wenner” 4 pole method. This instrument is ideal for Earth measurements also in large Earthing systems because it uses a considerable test current of 80mA(max) yielding a high resolution of 1mΩ on 2Ω range. The Earth Resistivity measurement is useful for soil surveys to establish the optimum earth electrode system design and site, to avoid extra cost of reworking electrode installations. It can also be suitable for geological investigations.

Features :

  • High test current up to 80mA yielding resolution of 0.001Ω on 2Ω range.
  • Advanced Filtering method (based on FFT Fast Fourier Transform) reduces noise interference for obtaining stable measurements.
  • 2/3/4-Wire digital earth resistance tester
  • Earth resistivity tester (ρ) using 4 pole Wenner method
  • 800 Data storage points
  • Test current frequency in four bands of 94 / 105 / 111 / 128Hz
  • Earth (Ground) Resistance 200kΩ
  • Earth Soil Resistivity 200kΩ
  • “Zero adjust” the Residual Resistance (Rk)
  • Soil Earth Resistivity is automatically calculated
  • Distance set within a range of 1.0 to 30.0m at 0.1m steps
  • Several sub-results and parameters can be shown on the display:
  • Resistance of the Auxiliary Earth Spikes, Frequency of Test Current, Voltage and Frequency of Interference (noise), Residual Resistance Rk, etc.
  • Memory, recall and download – results via USB adaptor
  • Warning indication of noise & high resistance of auxiliary earth spikes
  • Robust design with IP54 protection
  • CAT III 300V / CAT II 600V
  • Lifetime Warranty