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BKM THT60 Thermal Imager with Digital Camera

Product Code: BKM THT60

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  • Auxiliary memory: 4GB micro SD card
  • Card memory size: more than 1000 standard jpeg pictures
  • Voice annotation: Max 60s/image
  • Text annotation: internal virtual keyboard
  • IR video on SD card: MPEG4 format (over 60 min)
  • Video output: PAL/NTSC
  • PC interface: USB 2.0
  • Laser pointer: Class 2


The THT60 is a powerful infrared thermal camera designed for simple use up to detailed analysis performed by skilled thermal imaging operators. The core of the instrument is the internal icon structure menu inside a capacitive LCD TFT high brightness touchscreen which allows really intuitive operations with finger touch selections. THT60 saves the thermal and visual images in micro SD-cards in a standard jpeg format, and also allow transferring the data onto the PC via USB interface. Live active IR data video recording is also available. THT60 has an IR sensor with optimum resolution (160x120 pixel) which makes it perfectly suitable when carrying out preventive maintenance operations on any industrial application. The instrument has a wide temperature range (max 400 °C) and a host of internal features as the possibility to perform advanced analysis including spots, lines, areas and isothermal on each image. This instrument is ideal for detecting electric problems, to check mechanical devices, to detect problems in the hydraulic system, forced ventilation, etc