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CK Electricians Premium Kit Pro 25pc kit

Product Code: CK 595008

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Electricians Premium Kit Pro

Our most comprehensive kit yet the new C.K Electrician's Premium Kit Pro includes innovations such as the combicutter3TM, the ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper and dextroVDE slim glo screwdrivers. All contained within the C.K Magma Pro Tool Case Plus, the ultimate bag to organise and protect your tools. 


MA2640 C.K Magma Pro Tool Case Plus
431002 C.K RedLine VDE Combination Pliers 185mm
431013 C.K RedLine VDE Snipe Nose Pliers 175mm
431008 C.K RedLine VDE CombiCutter3 160mm
T49283PD C.K DextroVDE GLO Slim Screwdriver Set/5 PZ/SL
T0990 C.K VDE Cable Sheath Stripping Knife
T2250 C.K ArmourSlice SWA Cable Stripper
T4897 C.K VDE Precision Screwdriver Set of 7
492001 C.K Electricians Scissors 140mm
T0834 C.K Junior Hacksaw
T3442 16 C.K Softech Tape 5m/16'
495001 C.K Automatic Wire Stripper
T3482 C.K Spirit Level Pocket 210mm
T9420 C.K COB Pocket Inspection Light
495028 C.K Re-Threading Tool M3.5x0.6