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Christensen Fibreglass Refill Brush

Product Code: LP E30106

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Cleaning Brushes

These brushes and refills are ideal for cleaning small areas and components such as printed circuit boards (PCB), battery contacts and fixings.

Fibreglass Refill Brush

These refill brushes are made from fine coarse fibreglass, they are ideal for removing dust, dirt and rust with simple brush motions.

They are to be used as a refill for the propelling pencil brush which is an adjustable pen style cleaning brush ideal for use across a wide range of electronics such as PCBs and other small components.

Features and Benefits

• Fibreglass refill brush
• 4 mm diameter bristles
• Easy to use
• Excellent for cleaning small areas and objects

How do I change a refill?

It’s very simple to replace the brush with these simple steps. Unscrew the Ferrell, pull out what is left of the fibreglass pad, insert the new refill and reassemble the brush.