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Christensen Rubber Insulated gloves (1000v ? 33000v)


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Rubber Insulated gloves (1000v ? 33000v)


Protective insulating gloves are made of natural latex & are used when working under live, high voltage conditions up to 33 Kv. They are worn in-conjunction with the Arc Flash Suits & protective boots.

The gloves have an anatomical design, great flexibility in different thicknesses & anti-bacterial treatment which provides additional protection for the skin and particularly important when wearing gloves for extended periods.

Latex gloves must be used in conjunction with a leather overglove, these electrical gloves offer protection against cutting or tearing.

Latex gloves offer the widest range of conditions for live-line use from 500 to 36 000 volts. They are divded into different classes, as seen below :

Class 00 - 500 Volts (max)
Class 0 - 1000 Volts (max)
Class 1 - 7500 Volts (max)
Class 2 - 17 000 Volts (max)
Class 3 - 26 500 Volts (max)
Class 4 - 36 000 Volts (max)

Recommendations for use

Always define the specific voltage of use to when choosing the correct class of gloves from Class 00 to Class 4. Only wear tested and approved insulating gloves. Do not use gloves older than one year from the date of manufacture without prior testing.

Before and after each use, conduct a visual control by inflating the glove with air to check for leaks.


Gloves should be stored at ambient temperatures (10?-21?C) in their original bag, away from direct sunlight, ozone or heat.


Gloves are tested to ATPV (Arc Thermal Performance Values) in accordance with ASTM standards. This is the International Draft Standard Test Method, to determine the arc rating of the gloves. A class 4 glove needs to achieve an ATPV value of 55 Cal/cm³.