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Christensen Arc Suppression Blankets

Product Code: LP LLT-ARC


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Product Description

Arc Suppression Blankets

Arc flash suppression blankets are tied up before working in spaces in and around high voltage equipment to protect the user from the harmful effects of an arc flash.

They are available in sizes that are available in 1.5m x 1.2m (25Ka , 40Ka) & 1.5m x 2.4m, in 15Ka, 25Ka , 40Ka.

Colours of the mats may vary from the attached photo , but will have the same specifications.

  • Arc flash Suppression Blanket
  • AC Max. Use Voltage 25kA or 40kA
  • Color Navy Blue or Yellow
  • Standards ASTM F2676
  • Includes Straps

What is it used for?

Live Line Technology offers arc flash suppression blanket for the safety of personnel working on high voltage electrical switchgear.

Arc flash suppression blankets are used as an extra barrier protection from the explosive and incendiary effects of electrical arc flashes.
They provide an additional layer of protective insulation to direct energy, and should not be the only arc flash protection used in and near switchgear. (Arc flash suits should always be worn).

CAUTION: Because of the unpredictability of electrical discharges, the arc suppression blanket may not totally contain arcs and flashes, but only reduce or limit exposure and incendiary effects. In such cases, injuries may still occur, even when the blanket is properly used. 

Ideal for use in underground vaults, switchyards and anywhere there is a potential of exposure to explosive electrical discharges

Used in and around high voltage electrical users in confined areas such as switching stations, sub-stations or switching yards. In the event of an arc flash or shock incident., these arc suppression blankets will provide additional protection to the general area which they cover from the direct exposure to an arc flashes heat and harmful shrapnel.

Part numbers :
LLT-25KAb = 25ka Arc blanket , 1.5m x 2.4m
LLT-40kAb = 40ka Arc blanket , 1.5m x 2.4m