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Christensen High Voltage Digital Ammeter

Product Code: LP LLT-HALO*

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Product Description

High Voltage Digital Ammeter

  • Measures overhead line ammeter
  • Clips onto an overhead line

The LLT-HALO is a high voltage digital ammeter for use on power distribution systems designed to take True RMS AC current measurements.

Its open-core design allows the user to quickly hook it over a conductor from the end of a hotstick and obtain a current reading in amperes. The LLT-HALO can be used to take spot load measurements on a single phase, as well as take readings on all three phases to determine load balance.

There are two models, the LLT-HALO1 and the LLT-HALO2 . The LLT-HALO I has a peak-hold mode so the reading is stored on the display until reset. The LLT-HALO2 includes the peak-hold mode and also a tracking mode that allows the user to view continuous changes on the display.

The unit can be used on any voltage up to 69kV system voltages. It is available with either a hook-style or fork-style sensing head. The LLT-HALO can be used over insulated cable. However, it cannot be used over shielded cable, such as the concentric neutral.

  • For use on voltages up to 69kV class (40kV line-to-ground)
  • True RMS reading instrument
  • 0-2000 amp auto-ranging LCD display
  • Track and peak-hold modes available
  • Hook or fork style sensing heads
  • Universal spline for standard hotstick attachment
  • Powered by a field replaceable 9V alkaline battery
  • Auto shut-off