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Christensen FOCCUS FirstTime Cleaning Kit

Product Code: FOCCUS FirstTime Cleaning Kit

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FOCCUS FirstTime Cleaning Kit

Compact Cleaning Kits are the preferred solution for in-equipment kits.  These kits are small enough to be brought to the cleaning site, and left behind for future cleaning requirements. The FirstTime Cleaning kit is designed to provide everything necessary to clean connectors the first, every time.

CCK4 FOCCUS FirstTime™ Compact Cleaning Kit:

  • 1 QbE®-2 Cleaning Platform (QBE-2)
  • 2 Fiber-Wash™ MX  Precision Cleaner Pens (FW2150)
  • 1 Reclosable package

  • Ideal for achieving a clean end-face, the first time and every time
  • Everything needed for reliable and repeatable Combination Cleaning™ method
  • Portable mini kit design, can be used as an service or install kit
  • Up to 600 applications
  • Precision Clean SC/LC, UPC/APC, MT Female Connectors


  • Small and portable enough to be used as an installation kit
  • Precision Clean SC/LC, UPC/APC, MT Female Connectors