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All-in one weather sensor. Rainfall, wind speed & direction, temperature & humidity in self-single contained unit.
Comprehensive weather data, including barometric pressure, temperature with heat index (indoor and outdoor), humidity with dew-point (indoor and outdoor), rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, UV (optional)
Large LCD display and extra dot matrix display for comprehensive weather data and alert messages
Cloud support to Access data recorded and shared by other users
Set weather alerts on dedicated APP
Automatic time sync with server
Build-in Wifi & 868/915Mhz wireless technology connection.
300m (1000 feet) outdoor sensor transmission range
7 x AA Batteries and AC Power Adaptor Included

Oregon Scientific WMR500 All-in-one Smart Connected Professional Weather Station

The WMR500 All-in-one weather station with WIFI connectivity is perfect for both aspiring and amateur meteorologists who love to study the weather but also need affordable and simple to install weather station.

The wireless integrated sensor all-one-sensor measures rainfall, wind speed & direction, temperature & humidity in self-single contained unit.

The outdoor sensor sets up in minutes and transmits data wirelessly to your weather station console anywhere up to 1,000 ft (300 m) away. An integrated solar panel also helps extend the battery life.

The Weather Station has a large LCD screen which clearly displays your local weather information and trends including, weather forecast, barometric pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature & humidity, dew point, wind speed & direction and rainfall as well as the current time and moon phase.

The console is also able to connect to you home wifi network, automatically pushing your weather data to the cloud. Via our dedicated App you can view both current and historical weather data on your smart device anywhere in the world. Share you weather data with friends and view other friends weather stations around the world.

The App also allows you set Weather Alerts so you can receive instant notification when Weather conditions change.