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C.K. XonicESD Screwdrivers - Screwdrivers - TORX

Product Code: CK 4877XESD


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Product Description

XonicESD Screwdrivers



1) Ergonomically designed handle with hollow rotating cap for ease of use & precise control
2) Premium quality alloy steel blade for exceptional strength & durability
3) Precision machined tip for an exact screw fit & damage free screwdriving
4) Black anti-peel tips eliminates the risk of damage from flaking chrome
5) Fully ESD compliant for safe use on sensitive electronic components

Product Variants


T4877XESD04 T 04              
T4877XESD05 T 05              
T4877XESD06 T 06              
T4877XESD07 T 07              
T4877XESD08 T 08