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SAFTEC 1500W 12V DC to AC 220V Power Inverter

Product Code: LP INV1500

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DC AC power inverter

So, the problem arises when you need to take power that has been stored in a battery or bank of batteries, and use it to run electrical appliances that are AC and not DC.

The answer to this, is to use a DC to AC power inverter.

The inverter is the main component of any independent power system which requires AC power. The power inverter will convert the DC power stored in the batteries and into Ac power to run conventional appliances.


Just over a decade or so ago, DC AC power inverters were so inefficient and unreliable, many people restricted themselves to 12V lights and appliances.

If you have recently tried to shop around for 12V DC appliances, you will see that there is a very limited selection available.

Today, the efficiency and reliability of the latest DC AC power Inverters, are a far cry from the inverters that were available 15 to 20 years ago.

There are three waveforms produced by modern solid state power inverters. The simplest, a square wave power inverter, used to be all that was available. Today, these are very rare, as many appliances will not operate on a square wave.



1500w Converter Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter




DC 12v to AC 220v

This car power inverter, converts DC 12V to AC 220V.  



1. 1500W car power inverter, convert DC 12V to AC 220V.
2. Perfect for in-car use, powers up notebook/laptop, DVD player, digital camera, etc.
3. Steady and precise output voltage.
4. Over temperature protection, overload protection, over voltage protection.
5. Audio alarm of low battery level prior to auto shut down.
6. Built-in cooling fan with low noise.




1. Input voltage: DC 12V
2. Output voltage: AC 220V 50 Hz
3. Output power: 1500W
4. Output waveform: Modified sine wave
5. Low battery alarm (no load): DC 10.4~11V
6. Low battery shutdown (no load): DC 9.7~10.3V
7. High battery shutdown (no load): DC 14.5~15.5V
8. Peak efficiency: >90%
9. Working temperature: -10~50 degree centigrade
10. Item size: Approx. 25 * 9.5 * 5.5cm / 9.5 * 3.7 * 2.2in
11. Item weight: 900g


Package list



    1 * Power Inverter
    1 * Cigarette Plug Cable
    1 * Battery Clip Cable