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Christensen FIP-430B series Fiber Inspection Probe

Product Code: FIP-430B series

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Product Description

EXFO's NEW Fiber Inspection Probe
  The new FIP-430B series uses its unique automatic focus adjustment system, to
  automate each operation in the test sequence, transforming the critical inspection step
  into a quick and simple one step process accessible to technicians of any skill level.
  Features and Benefits
  Automatic fiber-connection detection
  * Automatic fiber image-centering system
  * Automatic focus adjustment and optimisation
  * Automatic report generation
  * Automatic image capture

* Automatic connector endface analysis & reporting

Optical network problems are often caused by dirty and/or damaged connectors. Using a fibre inspection probe to ensure that connectors/adapters are clean and exempt of any defect is where accurate testing starts. 

Thanks to EXFO’s FIP-400 Fibre Inspection Probe, checking connectors and other fibre terminations for polish quality and cleanliness has never been easier. Benefit from the best optical resolution in the industry and see scratches and dirt particles as small as 1 µm. Also, use a USB converter to send image captures to a portable platform or a PC.