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WARMBIER Heel grounder adjustable quick release, elastic re

Product Code: SCS 2560.890R

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Product Description

Heel grounder adjustable quick
release, elastic red ribbon

  • High performance heel grounders, suitable for personnel grounding on ESD floors, fitted with a replaceable strap, for multi-user or visitors use. 

  • For normal heel shoes
  • Durable quick release heel grounder
  • 1 MOhm safety resistor
  • Red, elastic heel band
  • Replaceable connecting strap 

  • Complies with IEC 61340-5-1 

  • Accessories: Replaceable connecting strap-47 cm; part no. 2560.890.R.47 (quantity: 100 pcs.)/ replaceable connecting strap-100 cm; part no. 2560.890.R.100 (quantity: 25 pcs.) 

  • Note: Heel grounders should be worn on both shoes to avoid charge build-up during walking!

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