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Christensen Arc Flash Suits

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Product Description

Arc Flash Suits are designed to provide protection from arc flash heat exposures. Arc flash suits are designed to protect the electrical technician from heat and to reduce or minimize total burn injury. This helps to provide the user with extra seconds of protection to help escape possible secondary explosions or fires in the work area. Arc Flash suits can increase the chances of survival. Arc Flash suits will decrease the need for medical treatment such as skin grafts and the reduction in chances of subsequent infections. Safety is always a first priority in electrical engineering. The preservation of life is imperative. Arc Flash suits are a small cost in comparison to the loss in quality of life if a worker is exposed to an electric arc event. Electrical technicians, by law should always wear and be properly trained in the safe use and application of Arc Flash suits and appropriate personal protective equipment such as insulated rescue sticks for the possible electrical hazard with which they may face. Arc Flash clothing have long life spans if proper cleaning and maintenance of is implemented. How does an arc flash occur? An electrical arc flash is a condition that is created with the sudden release of electrical energy. An electrical arc flash originates from a breakdown in the insulation medium. When an electrical current passes through ionized air, an accidental short circuit links across two conductors (phases), creating conductive plasma, which causes the electrical arc or arc flash. There are several situations that can cause an arc flash, namely the above mentioned breakdown of insulation between electrical conductors or human accident in and around energized conductors or electrical circuits. The heat generated from the arc flash (plasma) is predominantly infrared radiation and can exceed temperatures around 20 000°C. Workers operating on electrical equipment posing an electrical arc flash hazard should be protected against such high temperatures by always wearing Arc Flash suits.

Function of Arc Flash suits :

The protection provided from Arc Flash suits gives a person the benefit of a few seconds to escape the Arc flash, by preventing the burning of skin. The main characteristic of Ultrasoft and Nomex material is to self extinguish. (inflammable). 

Ultrasoft material with a Nomex thread provides a light in weight, does not support combustion. The fabric, similar to nylon, is abrasion resistant, and is also non-absorbent.

Arc Flash suits should always be worn when operating high voltage systems for example 11kv, 22kv or 33kv systems in applications such as switchgear inside Substations. (eg. 132kv/11kv) This is to protect against the potential hazard of an arc flash. 

Arc Flash suit Ratings :

An electrical arc flash is more severe with higher voltages & higher Ka ratings of the equipment (switchgear) substation. The greater the flash, the greater the severity of the radiation exposed to the operator. It is imperative to get the correct grading of the Nomex Flash suit to ensure the necessary protection against radiation of the Arc flash.

Our Arc flash suits are available in the following Arc Thermal Performance values (ATPV) graded as ;

  • 8+ CAL Arc Flash suit kit,
  • 25+ CAL Arc Flash suit kit ,
  • 50+ CAL Arc Flash suit kit,
  • 90+ CAL Arc Flash suit kit ,
  • 100+ CAL Arc Flash suit kit
The CAL rating is known as the Arc Thermal Performance value (ATPV value) and is presented in calories per centimeter square and represents the maximum protection capability withstand possible from an arc flash suit. 

Arc Flash suit Material : Material: Fabric double layer: UltraSoft® double pre-shrunk, 677g/m². Thread: Nomex®. Hard hat : Dielectric 440 Vac. Face shield: ArcShield™Dual pane, true colour green, anti-fog. 

Arc Flash suit Standards : Fabric: ASTM F1506; NFPA 70E; OSHA 1910.269; EN ISO 11612; EN ISO 11611; IEC 61482; ASTM F1959 & OEKO TEX STANDARD 100. Lens: ANSI Z87:1; EN168. Hood and Lens : SANS 724; ASTM F2178; IEC 61482-2; CE0339. 

Characteristics of Ultrasoft Flash suit fabric :
  • The ARC Flash suit fiber itself absorbs heat energy during the carbonization process.
  • The ARC Flash suit fibers eliminate air movement and heat transfer to the interior skin area.
  • An insulating barrier reduces heat transfer to the person.