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FLUKE Digital Multimeter FLUKE 179

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Setting the new multimeter standard

For professional technicians worldwide there is one preferred solution: the precision, reliability and ease of use they find in Fluke 170 Series True RMS digital multimeters. This is the industry standard, with all the features you need to troubleshoot and repair so many problems in electrical and electronic systems. 

Fluke 170 Series digital multimeters give you True RMS voltage and current measurements, 6000-count resolution, manual and automatic ranging and provide frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity and diode measurements. In addition, the Fluke 177 and 179 provide higher 0.09% basic accuracy, a digital display with analog bar graph and backlight. And the Fluke 179 delivers temperature measurements.

Fluke 170 series multimeters are independently tested for safe use in CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V environments.

The Fluke 170 Series includes the following models:

  • Fluke 179 True RMS DMM with 80BK Temperature Probe
  • Fluke 177 True RMS DMM
  • Fluke 175 True RMS DMM

The three models of the new 170 series are the new benchmarks for general-purpose multimeters. All models offer True RMS AC measurements, a 6000-count display and min-max average recording, as well as frequency and capacitance ranges.

  • Manual and automatic ranging
  • Display Hold and Auto Hold
  • Frequency and capacitance measurements
  • Resistance, continuity and diode measurements
  • Temperature measurements (179)
  • Min-max-average recording
  • Closed case calibration through front panel
  • Ergonomic case with integrated protective holster 
Voltage DC
175 - Accuracy*  ± (0.15%+2)
177 - Accuracy*  ± (0.09%+2)
179 - Accuracy*  ± (0.09%+2)
Max. Resolution  0.1 mV
Maximum  1000 V
Voltage AC
Accuracy*  ± (1.0%+3)
Max. Resolution  0.1 mV
Maximum  1000 V
Current DC
Accuracy*  ± (1.0%+3)
Max. Resolution  0.01 mA
Maximum  10 A
Current AC
Accuracy*  ± (1.5%+3)
Max. Resolution  0.01 mA
Maximum  10 A
Accuracy*  ± (0.9%+1)
Max. Resolution  0.1 Ω
Maximum  50 MΩ
Accuracy*  ± (1.2%+2)
Max. Resolution  1 nF
Maximum  10,000 µF
Accuracy*  ± (0.1%+1)
Max. Resolution  0.01 Hz
Maximum  100 kHz
179 - Accuracy*  ± (1.0%+10)
Max. Resolution  0.1°C
Range  -40°C/400°C
*  Accuracies are best accuracies for each function


Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature
   -10°C to +50°C
Storage Temperature
   -30°C to +60°C
Humidity (Without Condensation)
   0% - 90% (0°C - 35°C)
   0% - 70% (35°C -50°C)


Safety Specifications
Overvoltage category
   EN 61010-1 to 1000 V CAT III.
   EN 61010-1 to 600 V CAT IV.
Agency Approvals
   UL, CSA, TÜV listed and VDE Pending


Mechanical & General Specifications
   43 x 90 x 185 mm
   420 g
Battery Life
Alkaline:  ~200 hours typical, without backlight