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Christensen Mains Test Block Cable Entry

Product Code: ORX QT1

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Product Description

The Quicktest is ideal for electrical shops, factories, labs and service departments.


With its lid open the wires of a plugless lead can be inserted into the insulated clips. When the lid is closed, current passes to the equipment being demonstrated or tested.


A neon light shows that the connector is live and ready to use. The 13 Amp fuse (BS 1362) is easily accessible for replacement.


The connector is made of tough, safe materials. The base is phenolic moulded for insulation and rigidity. The lid is flame retardant glass filled thermo plastic.


The insulated clips are colour coded for easy identification. The flexible cable grip will take any normal mains cable. Only one small screwdriver is needed for both the base entry and the terminal screws.


WARNING: Always connect the earth connection for safety. This device is intended for use by suitably qualified personnel when making connection to the mains supply for test purposes only. It is not to be used for permanent or semi-permanent connections. All connections must be insulated or otherwise suitably isolated to remove the possibility of personal contact with live parts.



Product Details

Test Block

Provides a safe and cost effective method of temporarily connecting mains powered equipment to a suitable power source. Ideal for many applications including laboratories, test beds, service areas etc.

Connection keys are electrically isolated by opening the lid
Double pole switching via lid
Colour coded cable clips for ease of connection
Screw input terminals
Bench mountable
Power neon indicator
Supplied complete with instructions
Dimensions (mm): W 60, D 127, H 48


Max. working voltage 240Vac 50Hz
Max. working current 13A without cord
  5A with cord
Insulation resistance >100MΩ @ 500Vdc
Withstand voltage 2000Vac 50Hz for 2 min.
Cable entry 4 to 7mm
Max. conductor size 2
Materials: G.P. phenolic/Polycarbonate

Mains Test Block

  • Customers are advised to refer to the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, with particular attention to regulation 10 (connections) before using these products. These test connectors are not suitable for making mains connections to equipment in domestic use as defined in the Low Voltage Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1989.