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ZarteK Zartek PRO SERIES: PRO-5/PRO-8 WT-206

Product Code: PRO-5/PRO-8 WT-206

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Product Description

• FM Radio tuner
• Stopwatch with lap time
• Baby monitor (3 levels)
• Voice scrambler (4 codes)
• Credit card size
• Li-ion rechargeable battery
• 190/304 powerful UHF channels
• No licence required
• Group communication
• Multi-function
• Built-in VOX (3 levels)
• Rubberised finish 
• Ultra Slim size (19mm)
• Ultra light weight (67g with battery)

Includes: External Microphone with ear-piece Speaker (PTT/ VOX)


There are two different frequency bands for handheld public UHF two-way radios in South Africa, a and an 8 frequency band.

The Pro-8 is pre-programmed with 8 frequencies (UHF 446MHz)and is therefore channelcompatible to the original Zartek Eco and other radios also using this band .

The Pro-5 is programmed with 5 frequencies (UHF 463MHz) and is therefore channel compatible to the original Zartek model no. 21-1860-AFsometime also referred as the ZA-200.

The Pro-5 is thus not compatible to the Pro-8 as they operated in different frequency bands.


Included Items:

>Pro5 or Pro8 two-way radio 
>Mains charger (220v) 
>Vehicle charger 12v 
>Li-ion rechargeable battery 
>PTT/VOX earphone with microphone 
>Users manual


>2x Pro5 or 2xPro8 two-way radio 
>Mains charger (220v) 
>Vehicle charger 12v 
>Desktop dual charging cradle
>USB direct charging cable
>2x Li-ion rechargeable battery 
>2x PTT/VOX earphone with microphone 
>2x Lanyard 
>Users manual


 5 or 8 UHF (Ultra High Frequencies) Frequencies
• 38 CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Sub-audible Squelch) Codes
• 190 channels (PRO-5) or 304 channels (PRO-8)
• Digital Volume Control (15 levels)
• Channel Scanning 
• VOX (Voice Operated Transmit) Function (3 levels of sensitivity)
• Roger Beep On/Off
• Call Function (10 different tones)
• Auto Squelch Control
• PLL (Phase Lock Loop) Controlled Circuitry  
• Back lighted LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
• Keypad Lock
• Memory Retention Function
• Auto Power Off (APO)
• Power Saving Circuitry
• Battery Charge/Drain Indication
• Transmit indicator icon and light
• 24 hour battery life on full charge (duty cycle 5:5:90)