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CK Electrician's premium tool kit - European

Product Code: CK 2630FKIT

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Electrician's premium tool kit - European

A complete Electrician's tool kit featuring Dextro screwdrivers, all contained in the award winning C.K technicians toolcase. 

Technician's tool case. 
Redline VDE side cutters 165mm. 
Combination pliers 175mm. 
Snipe nose pliers 175mm. 
1 x Dextro VDE screwdriver, slotted, sizes: 2.5 x 75 & 4 x 100mm; 
PZ, sizes: 1 x 80 & 2 x 100mm; 
PH, sizes: 1 x 80 & 2 x 100mm; 
Modulo, sizes: 1 & 2. VDE mainstester. 
ST Tape 8m. Mini hacksaw. 
Electrician's knife. 
Automatic wire strippers. 
Cable knife.
Plasterboard saw.