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WARMBIER Metriso 3000 - Test Kit

Product Code: SCS 7100.3000.MK

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Product Description

METRISO® 3000 Test Kit

  • menu language: German/English 

  • Metriso® 3000 - test kit includes: digital high resistance tester, temperature and relative humidity sensor, USB port, PC software for Windows®, 2 probes, a hand-held probe with connecting cable, user's instructions in German, English and French, calibration certificate, conductive carrying case fitted with dissipative pink foam. 

  • Suitable for resistance point-to-point and resistance to ground measurements
  • Integrated data logger with USB communication port for data transmission (50.000 test values). The supplied Report Generating Software ETC allows to generate a complete test report
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • A barcode scanner can be used in order to record measurement points before testing 

  • Test voltage / Test current: 1 mA <= I <= 1,3 mA High ohmic range: DC 10 volts,100 volts and 500 volts
  • Test range: low ohmic range: 0 to 10 kOhm High ohmic range: 1 kOhm to 1,2 TOhm
  • Operation: Battery operated
  • Probes: 2 x Model 850 (weight: 2,27 kg / ø 63,5 mm) with conductive rubber, 1 x hand-held probe Model 45 

  • complies with IEC 61340-4-1, IEC 61340-2-3, IEC 61340-4-5

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