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Product Code: SCS 7110.585.set

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ESD audits are an essential part of a proper ESD control program. Audits check all ESD control practices and products, identify problem areas and faculty equipment, provide a reminder to personnel of their responsibilities and indicate are that require correct action.

The compliance of all aspects of the ESD equipment, procedures and training must be checked at regular intervals, otherwise gradual deterioration can be expected. Equipment will fail over time and materials and equipment will become non-compliant. Static awareness and correct use of procedures will tend to gradually fade unless reinforced by refresher training.

An audit is based on an ESD control document that has been defined, approved by management, and implemented at all operating levels. This document is usually based on a government, military or industry standard for ESD.

In the audit, all facets of the ESD program must be checked to see that they are in accordance with the ESD control document. Discrepancies must be recorded and reported to supervisors and to company management as soon as possible.

Each company’s audit procedures are unique to the local control program or plan, but certain aspects will be part of every program. The major areas to be examined are work area integrity, operator conformance to proper procedures, condition of the workbench and floor, and general aspects of the program.

  • The ESD-Audit-Kit includes the relevant test instruments for the verification of the ESD control elements according to IEC 61340-5-1 in an ESD protected area (EPA) 

  • Applications:
    • Evaluate packaging materials
    • Evaluate garments
    • Measure fl ooring, working surface and furniture resistance
    • Measure electrostatic fi elds
    • Measure temperature and relative humidity
    • Analyze Ionizers performance

  • 7110.585.SET includes:
    • 7110.585 Aluminium case
    • 7100.2000.G* High resistance meter with connecting cables
    • 7100.2000.IRU Infrared USB interface adapter
    • 7100.2000.TF Temperature and humidity sensor
    • 7220.45 Handheld probe model 45
    • 7220.840* Two-Point-Probe model 840 (Mini Probe)
    • 7220.880* Ring probe model 880
    • 7100.M.H110 Multimeter Hexagon 110 with connecting cables
    • 7100.SRM110* Surface Resistance Meter SRM 110
    • 7100.EFM51.CPS* Electrostatic Field Meter EFM51 with charged plate set
    • 7220.850 Probe model 850 (2 probes)
    • 2200.110 Grounding plug
    • 7110.E8 8-socket grounding box
    • 7100.2000.TR50 Cable reel, 50 m
    • 7100.PGT100.102 Metal plate 400 x 300 x 2 mm including 10 mm banana plug adapter
    • 7220.880.6 Insulative plate 120 x 120 x 6 mm
    • 7220.880.9 Probe made of stainless steel, ø 120 mm
    • 7220.880.L Guard cord, blue, 1,5 m

  • Weight of fully equipped case: 18 kg 

  • * Measuring equipment including calibration certificate

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