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Product Code: MAG 3000

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Desoldering Station 3000

The 3000 is the economic solution to rework and repair. This maintenance-free, compact, portable and self-contained work station is designed to provide total flexibility during use -- allowing tip temperatures of the desoldering handpiece and soldering iron to be controlled separately. It’s the perfect workstation for production, service and development applications.


Its powerful integral vacuum pump ensures precision desoldering, even on multilayer boards. The clear handpiece is easily dismantled for daily maintenance. Despite its portable size the 3000 incorporates essential, practical features.

Vacuum delay after activation.

Temperature boost during vacuum.

Separate switch for continual vacuum or blower operations.

Temperature control of solder extractor via calibrated dial.

Temperature control of Soldering Iron 1000SP (included) via an electronic controller in the handle.

Spike suppression and filtering.

Safe for use on static sensitive components.

High efficiency vane-type vacuum pump.

Connection for optional air output

Twin spring safety holder with cleaning sponge.

Clog-resistant desoldering handpiece with glass tube to collect solder.

Fuse protection on input & 24v output.

Vacuum pump is activated by switch on handpiece.

Input220/240v 50/60Hz AC

Protection Input3A 5mm fuses

Output2 x 3A 5mm fuses



268 mbar (22"Hg)

    Flow Rate1,54m³/hour(0,91CFM)


Temp. Range

    Solder Extractor200°C to 450°C

(392°F to 842°F)

    Soldering Iron200°C to 420°C

(392°F to 788°F)

Weight6,1kg (13,45lbs)

Size25cm x 20cm x 10cm