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SAFTEC Inspection camera with recording

Product Code: Model No. 8802AJ

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Model No. 8802AJ

The Explorer Premium does indeed give you the ability to see things in otherwise inaccessible locations. Whether that’s a pipe, or under a door frame and into the other side, the Explorer Premium can handle it. Featuring a 3.5-inch TFT LCD display (that isn’t a touchscreen), and the ability to use a microSD card to save your recorded video, the Explorer Premium is the perfect gadget for those who need to be able to see into tiny locations.

There’s a USB port on the side, and a video output. And the box comes with the device, the flexible tube, a hook, and a magnet — giving you the ability to hang the camera somewhere where you can easily see it.

Look inside walls withouttearing them apart, check out behind a refrigerator, find lost things in small hard to reach places.

Main Features:
> Allows for easy visual inspections in hard to reach areas.
> Mini water-proof camera with 1m (3 inch) flexible extended tube
> Night Vision Range:1.5m
> Waterproof Level: IP67 with Underwater
> 2.5¡ TFT-LCD wireless monitor with rechargeable Li-battery
> Lightweight, handhold design for easily find, diagnose and solve
> 3 useful accessories includes: hook, mirror and magnet

Image Sensor CMOS
Total Pixels 704 ¡ 576 (PAL); 712 ¡
Horizontal View Angle 50 degree
Frequency 2468MHz
Minimum Illumination 0 Lux
Modulation Type FM
Bandwidth 4 x AA
Dimensions 186 x 145 x 41(mm)
(Exclude Flexible Tube)
Weight 530g
LCD Screen Type 2.36″TFT-LCD
Effective Pixels 480 x 240
Video System PAL/NTSC
Frequency 2468MHz
Consumption Current
(Max) 0.9-1.3VP-P@75ohm
Dimensions 100 x 70x 30(mm)