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Fluke NetTool Series II Inline Network Tester

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Product Description

 NetTool™ Series II Inline Network Tester

Vision into network devices and application connectivity problems.


  • NetProve™ diagnostics – isolate device and application connectivity issues in seconds
  • Inline Gigabit vision - quickly troubleshoot network problems with powerful inline vision into 10/100/Gig traffic between switches, PCs, IP phones and other devices
  • Monitoring and authentication - identify spyware, malware, and viruses with port monitoring; troubleshoot authentication issues with 802.1x log
  • VoIP troubleshooting - connect inline for visibility into VoIP calls to quickly diagnose IP phone boot-up and call control problems and to measure key call quality metrics
  • PoE Measurements - verify readiness of PoE systems and troubleshoot PoE device problems
  • Spot available network resources – See MAC and IP addresses, subnet and services offered by active servers, routers and printers
  • IntelliTone digital signaling -  quickly and safely locate cables on active network

Troubleshooting network connectivity problems can be a daunting and time-consuming task.  Without the right tool, network techs can spend hours of unnecessary time with trial and error guesswork trying to isolate the problem.

Fluke Networks has put an end to the guessing game with the NetTool Series II Inline Network Tester. NetTool combines powerful NetProve diagnostics, inline Gigabit vision, VoIP Phone PC configuration testing in one palm-sized tool, so you'll have everything you need to quickly resolve even the toughest connectivity problem.  Plus, with the monitoring and authentication option, you'll have the power to identify port-based security threats and maintain user connectivity in 802.1x environments.

The right tool for the job
Since no two networks are identical, Fluke Networks offers several NetTool models and options to match your individual requirements and to maximize the value of your NetTool investment. From our top-of-the-line NetTool Series II Network Service Kit to the entry-level NetTool 10/100, you will find a NetTool model that fits your network troubleshooting needs and your budget.



NetTool Series II General Specs
10/100/1000 Base -TX and PoE (802.3af)
Cable TestsInternal wiremap. WireView Cable ID, cable length, opens, shorts, and split pairs
Cable TonerIntelliTone or Analog (each with two songs)
Cable LengthAccuracy is +/- (10% or reading plus 1 meter)
PortsShielded Hub/NIC connector (RJ-45) and USB input jack
InterfacePush button navigation of icon/menu-driven view
BatteryRemovable alkaline batteries or optional rechargeable NIMH AA batteries
Dimensions19.0 cm x 8.9 cm x 4.4 cm (7.5" x 3.5" x 1.75")
Weight0.54 kg (1 lb 3 oz.)
WarrantyOne year (extended warranty available)
LED Indicators (8)10/100/1000 (Link), CLSN/ERR (Collision/error), UTIL (Utilization), PoE, and CHARGE
Environmental Requirements
Operating Temperature10 °C to 30 °C with up to 95% Relative Humidity
10 °C to 40 °C with up to 75% Relative Humidity
Non-Operating Temperature-20 °C to +60 °C
ApprovalsThe Fluke NetTool has the following approvals. European standard EN 60950, CSA/CAN C22.2 No. 950, and UL 1950.
Approvals (Accessories)The optional Universal AC adaptor for NetTool has UL, CSA, and TÜV approvals or other approvals valid in the USA, Canada, and Europe
Electromagnetic InterferenceThe Fluke NetTool complies with European standard EN 61326 Class B.
CertificationComplies with European CE directive: EMC directive 89/336/EEC and low voltage directive 73/23/EEC.
Connection to public telephone networkNetTool should never be connected to the public telephone network.


NetTool 10/100

Media Access

10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX


10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX (Full or half-duplex), Token Ring (4/16 Mbps), Phone* (tip and ring pins)

Call Control


Cable Tests

Wiremap, cable length, opens, shorts, and split pairs. Accuracy: ±10% for Cat 5 cable


Shielded Hub/NIC connector (RJ-45). Serial port - customized 2.5mm "stereo" input jack


Push button navigation of icon/menu-driven view


Removable alkaline batteries, optional rechargeable NiMH batteries, or optional AC adapter. (Approximately 20 hours continuous use with 4 alkaline batteries.)


12.5 cm x 7.8 cm x 4.3 cm (5 in x 3 in x 1.7 in)


210 g (.46 lbs.)


One year. (Extended warranty available)

LED Indicators (4)

2 on each side (Link, Utilization, Collision, and Error)

*NetTool 10/100 can detect telephone signals. However, it is not designed to be used on public telephone networks.