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ASA ASA 4000 Torque Range: 0.4 ~ 12.0kgf-cm

Product Code: ASA 4000 SERIES

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Product Description


Product description.



1.     Torque Range: 0.4 ~ 12.0kgf-cm


2.     Low voltage DC motor driving (without controller)


3.     Features:


         Grounded Bit: the holder assembly is designed to route static electricity to the ground.


         Uniquely designed housing-handle and the material of triggers consist of specially compounded plastic, 
for the release of static electricity received by the handle.


         Long-lasting ESD resistant handle is much more durable than those coated or painted.


4.     Specifications:


    Power Source: 35VDC


    Torque Setting: step less


    Weight: 380g/0.83lb


    Length: 208mm/8.2in


    Grip Diameter: 32mm/1.26in


5.     Types 


    ASA 4000 1.0 - 6.0 kgf-cm


    ASA 4500 1.5 - 10.00 kgf-cm