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WARMBIER Dissipative Flat Brushes

Product Code: SCS 6104.Y.103-7

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Product Description

Dissipative Flat Brushes

Our range of dissipative brushes allows thorough cleaning of ESD sensitive assemblies without the danger of high charges generated by conventional brushes.

  • Conductive carbon loaded polypropylene handle
  • Permanent static dissipative bristles, made of Nylon 6.12, superior grade, high quality Nylon filament
  • Highly resilient, durable and abrasion resistant
  • ESD symbol
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Part No. Size Description
6104.Y.103 12,5 mm Flat hard brush
6104.Y.104 19 mm Flat hard brush
6104.Y.105 25 mm Flat hard brush
6104.Y.106 38 mm Flat hard brush
6104.Y.107 50 mm Flat hard brush