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WARMBIER Personnel Grounding Tester

Product Code: SCS 7100.PGT2000

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Product Description

PGT® 2000 with built-in
Ethernet 10 Mbit card

  • Measures personnel grounding including user´s identification and test values documentation (required by DIN ISO 9000 for example). The identification of a person is performed with a Transponder on the right shoe and/or Transponder CARDS.
  • Simultaneous measurement of wrist strap and footwear according to DIN EN 61340-5-1
  • Measurement takes < 1,5 sec for personnel identification, wrist strap and footwear tests
  • Separate right and left foot test values
  • Transponder personnel identification system
  • Access control of protected zones and EPA´s through the door opener
  • Audible and visible test signal
  • Programmable test voltage and resistance values
  • Configuration and data transfer through the RS 232 port or the Ethernet network card
  • Integral memory for saving personnel data and test values (10.000 test values and 5.000 personnel records)
  • Network connection of up to 64 instruments
  • Software for "PGT2000-Manager" Windows®
  • Optional software package 01 including PGT2000 viewer Database export and "mis-measurement" database
  • Connection to external Card Reader via RS232 interface available on request
  • Includes: PGT built-in network card, shoe-testing electrode, wall mounting plate, external power supply 
    230 VAC, RS 232 null modem cable, CD-ROM "PGT 2000 Manager" installation programme, user´s manual in English and German and a calibration certificate.