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MULTI-CONTACT 2mm Laboratory sockets and mounting tools

Product Code: MC 24.0040

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Product Description

Made of brass, gold plated, with MC-Multilams and insulation
Load 10A
Contact resistance 0.6m OHM
Colour white
a Short-circuit plugs KS 2-5.08L Order No. MC 24.0040
without handle
Spacing of plugs 5.08mm
b Short-circuit plugs KS 2-10L Order No. MC 24.0042
Spacing of plugs 10mm
c Short-circuit plugs KS 2-10L/1 Order No. MC 24.0043
without handle
Spacing of plugs 10mm
d Short-circuit plugs KS 2-19L Order No. MC 24.0044
Spacing of plugs 19mm
e Short-circuit plugs KS 2-19L/1 Order No. MC 24.0045
without handle
Spacing of plugs 19mm