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ADOLA Cutbend

Product Code: VB CB 1100

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Product Description

Type Vario-Bend
- Low capital investment
- High capacity production: up to 40 000 pcs/hr
- Any adjustment can be made in seconds
- No electrical power required
More than 35,000 samples of the proven CUTBEND machine for cutting and bending the axial leads for taped components are operated worldwide. Thanks to it's high performance (up to 40,000 components per hour) and it's easy operation, this machine stands the test day after day. The machine amortizes in a short time thanks to it's exceptional cost- effectiveness. The CUTBEND can easily be adjusted and readjusted to different components and dimensions. The easy-to-replace cutting and bending wheels allow very thin (0.5mm) or very thick (1.2mm) leads to be processed. The well designed mechanism avoids axial tensile stress during processing and damage to delicate components by the slight staggering of the processing of both lead ends. The CUTBEND is handy and can be mounted to any table thanks to it's screw clamp. The numerous accessories allow a full component processing system to be created on the basis of the CUTBEND
Further accessories
- Single component feeder for loose components
- Motor unit
- Dispenser reel

- Component counter



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