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FLUKE AC/DC Current Clamp

Product Code: FLK i1010

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Product Description

Fluke current clamps extend the current ranges of Fluke tools. The Fluke i1010 AC/DC current clamp is highly reliable, measures 1 A to 1000 A and provides accurate current reading without breaking the circuit. This clamp measures both ac and dc current with a large jaw, battery-powered Hall-effect probe that gives access to difficult to reach areas. Compatible with most Fluke multimeters.

Measurement type Hall sensor
Nominal current range 600 A, AC 
1000 A, DC
Continuous current range 1 A - 600 A, AC 
1 A - 1000 A, DC
Maximum non-desctructive current 1000 A
Lowest measureable current 0.5 A
Basic accuracy 2% + 0.5 A 
(% reading + floorspec)
Useable frequency DC - 10 kHz
Output level(s) 1 mV/A
Zero error adjustment Yes
Safety Specifications
Safety CAT III, 600 V
Maximum voltage 600 V
Mechanical and General Specifications
Warranty 1 year
Battery life 9 V, 60 h
Maximum conductor diameter 30 mm 
2 x 25 mm
Output cable length 1.6 m
Shrouded banana plugs Yes