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BERNSTEIN Adjusting tools

Product Code: BRN 1-970

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Product Description

21-piece of adjusting tools in a tool roll
weight: 180g
Order No. Description of individual tools
Adjusting screwdrivers, made entirely from hard special plastic, No. 1-971 and 1-972 made from BERNSTEINIT, tip made from hard special plastic
BRN 1-151 Overall length 85mm, blade 40 x 3.0mm
BRN 1-152 Overall length 85mm, blade 40 x 4.0mm
BRN 1-971 Overall length 125mm, blade 80 x 2.0mm
BRN 1-972 Overall length 175mm, blade 130 x 2.0mm
BRN 1-973 Overall length 180mm, blade 135 x 3.0mm
BRN 1-974 Overall length 180mm, blade 135 x 3.5mm
BRN 1-975 Overall length 180mm, blade 135 x 4.0mm
BRN 1-919 Feeler gauge for radio and television, 150 x 4mm diameter
BRN 1-978 Engineer's mirror with extension handle, made entirely from BERSTEINIT, with 6mm screwdriver ground in handle. Double-ended hexagonal adjusting socket wrenches, one end BERSTEINIT, other end brass, overall length 140mm. The metal and plastic socket wrenches are extremely slim so that they can be engaged deeply in every coil core.
BRN 1-911 Adjusting socket wrench 2.5mm
BRN 1-912 Adjusting socket wrench 3.0mm
BRN 1-913 Adjusting socket wrench 3.5mm
BRN 1-914 Adjusting socket wrench 4.0mm
BRN 1-915 Adjusting socket wrench 4.5mm
BRN 1-916 Adjusting socket wrench 5.0mm
BRN 1-917 Adjusting socket wrench 5.5mm
BRN 1-918 Adjusting socket wrench 6.0mm
BRN 2-236 Valve tapping hammer
BRN 4-315 Radio screwdriver 40 x 3mm
BRN 4-311 Screwdriver for grub screws 80 x 2.8mm