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Christensen Plastic interlocking storage boxes

Product Code: RSA 301H

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Product Description

This component carrier consists of the RSC 30H case into which is fitted 30 x 1D storage boxes.


Other combinations available are:
Order No. RSA 36/121 RSA 30 case plus 3 x 6D and 12 x 1D
Order No. RSA 36/62 RSA 30 case plus 3 x 6D and 6 x 2D
Order No. RSA 122/61 RSA 30 case plus 12 x 2D and 6 x 1D
Order No. RSA 63/121 RSA 30 case plus 6 x 3D plus 12 x 1D
Order No. RSA 63/62 RSA 30 case plus 6 x 3D and 6 x 2D
Alternatively you may select your own combination of storage boxes
Case dimensions: 370 x 315 x 155mm


All loose boxes are also available individually or in cartons.

This product is ideal for storage of:

  • Components
  • Switches
  • Screws, nuts & bolts
  • buttons
  • Pins
  • Spares
  • Globes
  • coins

 Supplied in a case but can be removed and Wall Mountable. Easy to assemble/disassemble.  

Each drawer is see through to enable you to identify the contents easily and has a plastic removable divider.  Each drawer has a place to use a permanent or temp label to identify the contents. (on the outside of the drawer) 

These interlocking bins are compatible with the other sizes in the range

Can be used in industry or in home / DIY & hobby market.